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2018 New Year Speech-Wilson Wu

2017-12-31 Sunway


A farewell to the past year in triumph, and greetings to the new year with passion. With the ringing of the chime at midnight, we have just bid a farewell to the fruitful 2017 and greeted the promising 2018. At this beautiful moment of the very beginning of the year, on behalf of the Company, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and wishes to all those who have worked hard and made contributions towards the growth of the company. The most sincere greetings to you and the deepest respect for you.

Great achievements have been made for the past year. 2017 marked the most significant year in Sunway’s development history. A number of new units have been established, including Sunway Japan, the subsidiary Sunway Precision Connectors and Sunway Wireless Charging Business Unit; the successful commencement of Sunway at Jiangsu Science Park has substantially strengthened the global deployment of Sunway Communication. In the same year, the Sunway Communication Central Institute was founded; the Company became a shareholder of Deqing Huaying, a subsidiary of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) No. 55 Institute; the Company had China’s first 5G laboratory successfully set up. Over the past year, Sunway Communication has sustained YoY and QoQ growth for a continuous 15 quarters in its business performance under its values of “customer satisfaction, outcome oriented, courage to assume responsibilities and pursuit of duties and perfection”. It ranked the first among over 3,000 listed companies and won the double championship - “Best Listed Company 2017” and “Best Listed Company in Communications and Electronics 2017”. The Company has deeply cultivated the audio and RF technologies, expanding its scope of businesses by adding wireless charging, RF connection and isolators, audio and RF modules and RF front-end devices in addition to its antenna products. The continuous enrichment of its product lines is making Sunway the world’s first-class one-stop solution provider in audio and RF technologies.

    More achievements are expected in the coming year. Starting at a new point, we shall work hand in hand to deliver the target and implement the plan for 2018. Thanks to the rapid development of the nascent 5G communication technology and the popularization of the big data based AI, Sunways business is very promising with boundless space for development. We must grasp the precious opportunity by planning deployment, attracting professionals and reinforcing innovation as early as possible. We shall not deny and must fully realize that we are going to be faced with more and newer difficulties and challenges in the coming new year, and yet a market full of challenges also contains new potentials and opportunities. We firmly believe that as along as all of us are bound together in solidarity, seek development in concerted efforts and march forward in cooperation, we are sure to make new glorious achievements in the coming 2018!


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